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These whimsical picture frames are created by the artist to resemble suitcases with retro Hawaiian Luggage Labels. Each one is hand-painted with unique Tiki patterns and leather-like faux finishing. A jute-wrapped handle is added to the top and retro Hawaiian Luggage Labels from the "Golden Age of Travel" are placed on the side. A fabric strap is added to the suitcase and then the entire piece is shaded and aged to give an authentic antique look to it. They even have an airplane luggage tag for Honolulu Airport from the fictitious "Polynesian Air" tied to the handle. Each one is unique and patterns and textures may vary..


These pieces can be custom ordered with specific colors and travel locations

Hand-Painted Tiki Suitcase Picture Frames

  • Frame size is 9.5” x 8” x 1.5”

    Each piece is hand-painted so patterns and textures will vary

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