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This one-of-a-kind Kraken Tiki Mug is created from over a dozen individually hand-painted pieces. This sneaky cephalopod has a faux lemon and lime peel ship in his clutches along with a cute cocktail umbrella so he’s ready for anything. A frothy white beverage pokes up from the top of his head as he glares at you with his red jewel eyes. Each hand-painted piece was hand-cut and, after painting the cut edge, assembled by the artist. The final layered mug is placed upon a corrugated panel and the background features a unique batik print paper. This one-of-a-kind original artwork will be sure to add a festive touch to your Tiki collection.

"The Kraken" Blue Mixed Media Paper Sculpture

  • Medium: Acrylic Paint, Bristol Paper, Batik Paper, Handmade Papers, Toothpicks, Cocktail Umbrella, Wood, Foamcore, Rhinestones

    Artwork Size is 6" x 14" x 2" and comes with glass. Frame features hanging hardware on the back.

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