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Artist Dave Avanzino has created these whimsical Tiki Bar Signs for a places called, “The Shipwreck - Bottom of the Bay Bar,”  Lushiki Tiki" and "Tiki-A-Saurus Jurassic Bar." Each sign also features its own unique signature cocktail.


This artwork was originally created as a 3D paper sculpture sign. Hand-painted original artwork is created for each of the individual elements in the sign and then scanned into the computer. Using Photoshop, the artist "cuts out" each piece and assembles them into this 2D version of the artwork. The final piece is printed and set into a double mat that features a grass paper print.

"Tiki-A-Saurus" Matted Prints

Matted Prints

    Matted Prints are 14" x 11"

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